How to cook frozen pizza in microwave on a busy day?

Pizza is simply a wonderful dish loved by almost every household. It’s quick, simple, and hassle-free to make. And seriously who doesn’t like pizza? If someone gave me pizza for breakfast, lunch, and even at dinner I’ll eat happily. It sounds a little crazy right? Well, I am crazy about pizza. Microwave frozen pizza is a good option for every pizza lover like me. Microwave pizza is very easy and it takes a few minutes to make. Whenever you want to eat pizza just put the frozen pizza in microwave, bake it and then enjoy your delicious pizza.

Is frozen pizza a healthy food option?

For college students or busy working families, frozen pizzas are popular meals among many people. Yes, frozen pizza in microwave is a healthy option, instead of taking highly processed sugary food that contains artificial preservatives and unhealthy fats. For example, after making a regular size frozen pizza in the microwave it contains:

  • Calories: 380
  • Fat: 18 grams
  • Carbs: 38 grams
  • Sugar: 7 grams
  • Sodium: 810 mg — 34 percent of the Reference Daily Intake

Though you can choose toppings according to your mind and add sausages, extra cheese, or other high-calorie items. Microwave frozen pizza is not only a healthy food option but also can be prepared quickly.

Can you cook frozen pizza in microwave?

There are two questions have in everyone’s mind. The first one is can you cook frozen pizza? And the second is how to microwave frozen pizza?

Yes, we can microwave a frozen pizza. However, cook time highly depends on the wattage of your microwave oven as well as the period of keeping the frozen pizza in microwave. But one thing we have to keep in our mind is that the crust won’t be as crisp as the pizza that is oven-baked; however, a microwave pizza will be equally delicious. In this recipe, I will share the steps of cooking frozen pizza in microwave.

Now that you have the answer to the question “can you microwave frozen pizza” keep reading this to learn how to microwave frozen pizza.

Some variations of frozen pizza:

Microwave frozen pizza comes in many shapes. Similarly, it comes in many sizes and variations also. There are so many choices of pizza crust available in the market. Here are some examples for you-

  • Pan crust pizza
  • Cauliflower crust pizza
  • Brick oven pizza
  • Thin crust pizza
  • Self-rising crust pizza
  • Stuffed crust pizza
  • Chicago-style pizza
  • Gluten-free crust pizza

Complete Guidelines for Microwaving a Frozen Pizza:

Let’s discuss the procedure of cooking pizza in the microwave and what you might be able to expect in this pizza-making process. 

It is pretty much simple to make our own frozen pizza according to our preferable way. Just take them away straight from the freezer. You need not go through the defrost process which is I think one of the best things about frozen pizza. Before you start cooking make sure to remove the wrap from the pizza and place it into a microwave pizza pan.

Here is a small chart of different size pizzas and their time frames for microwaving:

Pizza SizeMicrowave Time
8-9 inch pizza4 to 6 minutes
10-11 inch pizza5 to 7 minutes
11-12 inch pizza 7 to 10 minutes
French bread pizza7 to 8 minutes
Mini pizzas5 to 7 minutes

Remember one thing that if you are going to microwave store-bought pizza, it may have instruction on the box outside. Try to follow those specific instructions to get the best result as this list shows precisely how long to cook frozen pizza.

frozen pizza in the microwave
Frozen Pizza

Final words:

I hope that you find these guidelines a little helpful. And you are satisfied after cooking your frozen pizza in microwave. I will be very glad and quite certain if you have delicious pizza using these simple steps. You can also try something new that is a mouthwatering dessert pizza recipe. Therefore, now that you know how to cook frozen pizza in oven, it is time for you to start making one!

Wish you a happy pizza day!


1. What type of frozen pizza can be cooked in a microwave? 

Any vegetarian or non-vegetarian frozen pizza can be cooked in a microwave as long as people follow the instructions provided. 

2. How long can you store a frozen pizza before using it? 

A frozen pizza can be stored for 18 months and more. Just check the expiry date and consult the instructions given in the box for more vivid details. 

3. Do we have to keep frozen pizza refrigerated? 

People can keep it refrigerated for 4 days but should consume it immediately after making it using a microwave. 

4. How to know if a frozen pizza has gone bad? 

If a frozen pizza becomes unsafe for eating, it will develop discoloration or dry spots. Also, it shows that freezer burn has appeared and it is not safe for eating. 

5. What problem occurs if you keep frozen pizza out for a whole night?

It should be thrown away if two or more hours it is kept at room temperature as in this temperature bacteria grows quickly. 

6. How to cook the entire pizza evenly? 

Before putting it in the oven, you should keep it at temperature for a few minutes first and then put it in a microwave. This way your pizza will be cooked evenly; be it the middle or side portions.

7. Why use high temperatures for cooking frozen pizza? 

Heat is how you can create the perfect pizza that has crust with the correct crispy texture instead of it being dry or brittle. 

8. How to have an ideal frozen pizza? 

To enjoy the perfect frozen pizza always make sure to go through instructions and cook them long enough instead of trying to take it out faster from the microwave. 


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