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Three Ways to Give Your Meal Preparation More Flavour

Meal preparation is one of the best things that you can do to prepare yourself for the week ahead. However, it can be a long and enduring task, not to mention that you may find it boring when cooking and eating. Nonetheless, there are many ways that people like to spice up their meals and it is something that you should too.

When it comes to meal preparation, you want to ensure you have plenty of ingredients. Now, you might be thinking that the more ingredients you have, the more expensive. Yes, the cost of your shopping bill is going to go up but, if you buy the right herbs and spices, they can last a lifetime. Here are several ways to upgrade your meal preparation and make sure it is packed with flavour.


Rice is the easy go-to side dish for meal preparation. However, it can be very bland if you do not know what to do with it. If you are not an expert in the kitchen, the easiest method is to add some vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes or peas. There are many variations of rice that you can cook for your meal preparation. 

Luckily for you, we are here to educate you on how to be an expert with your meal preparation. Maybe not an expert but teaching you to master the art of food prep. Something that many people do is use plain water when boiling rice. 

What food prep masters do is ensure that they boil their rice with sauces, salsas, or even with stockpots. Plain boiled rice will soon put you off meal preparation, especially if you are eating it every day. However, try not to put yourself off rice and mix up your sides throughout the week. This subtle addition to your rice dishes will make you want to eat it for lunch and dinner. Finally, make sure that you eat the correct rice for your health.  

Pickled Vegetable Salads

Pickled vegetables are something else that many people are doing with their food preparation. During the summer months, you want to avoid hot meals. A salad is a great way to make sure you are getting plenty of nutrients during the day. 

Salads might not be the highest calorie meal you can have however, some vegetables pack plenty of calories. Now, when you are reading this, you are probably thinking that there isn’t much flavour to a salad. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things that you can do with your vegetable salads. 

Marinating your veg is a fantastic way to ensure that your salad is full of flavour. Marinate your vegetables in a bowl of oil and vinegar dressing. That way, not only are you making sure that your meals are healthy but ensuring that they have much more taste to your dish.  

Roast Potatoes

Another great side dish to your meal preparation is roast or baked potatoes. An issue that many people will have, including us, is having to wait whilst your potatoes cook. Whether that is you roasting them or boiling them, they seem to take a while which is why they are more appropriate to cook at home. Nonetheless, if you cut them up and roast them that way, you will almost half the time it takes to roast them. 

There are a few ways to add flavour to those lovely and crispy roasted potatoes. Something that we do when roasting our potatoes is drizzle a little bit of honey over them. This is a great way to make them even crispier, with a sweeter taste to them as well. 

Sweet potatoes seem to be the common potato choice for meal preparation. There are a couple of different methods to cook your sweet potatoes. You can dice them, slice them so they are like wedges or, you can roast the whole potato as it is. If you are looking to roast your potatoes whole, we suggest that you wrap them up in tin foil and poke holes in them with a toothpick. 

To Conclude

There are many ways to improve your meal preparations and make them more flavoursome. Meal preparation is a fantastic way to make your lifestyle much healthier. However, you have to make sure that you are doing it right. Make sure you track your calories, macro and micronutrients.

It is easy to cook the same thing for your meals throughout the week although that would not be a good balance of vitamins. Mix up your meals throughout the week to ensure you have your essential vitamins. 

A lot of people who prepare meals will also have a multivitamin with their food. However, you might not necessarily need a multivitamin. You might be deficient in another vitamin, depending on your meals. See your local GP and they will be able to advise you which you need if any. If you work indoors, it will be likely that your GP will suggest that you consume vitamin D3 supplements. The reason is that your body won’t be producing vitamin D when you are not coming into contact with the sun. 


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