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Vegetable Side Dish Recipes: Best Suited for Your Health

Vegetables are a little gift from nature to humans. similarly, it plays an important role in human nutrition. From leafy pure greens to cruciferous vegetables, so one can eat raw or after cooking. It filled with low fat and carbs, vitamin-B, minerals and most importantly immunity-boosting antioxidants. Nutritions, dietitians encourage people to consume a good amount of fruits and veggies. Do you know the beauty of vegetables? Most importantly, the more you eat veggies, the better off you are. Consequently, it is more beneficial to decrease heart disease, diabetes, chronic disease and essential for hydration and digestion.

Let’s talk about the difficulty, it is quite hard to find great vegetable side dishes. I generally focus on the main dish and sometimes skip the accompaniments. Cook some fresh and frozen veggies by grilling, steaming, sautéing, roasting, whatever you like or you can enjoy it raw. So here, I am sharing a list of my top favorite vegetable side dish recipes.

Top 10 vegetable side dish recipes:

1. Steamed Broccoli:

This green medium-sized vegetable has it all. It is very healthy, delicious and takes a minimum of 5 minutes to cook. Steamed Broccoli- sounds little clumsy right? Don’t be offended, let me assure you: a drizzle of healthy oil, some chopped onion and a pinch of salt turn this humbled veggie into delicious or you can make it in a pressure cooker. This vegetable side dish recipe no doubts one of the best and quick.

2. Potato Wedges with Parmesan cheese:

I like potatoes a lot and this vegetable literally goes with everything. The best way to serve this golden potato to make potato wedges, these are out of this world. After peeling off these potatoes roast in an oven until it becomes crispy and the outer portion is covered with salty Parmesan cheese and some sprinkled black pepper powder. Give it a try of this healthy side dish recipe hopefully your family and friends will love it.

3. Lemony Green Beans:

It is a proper side dish recipe and almost goes with any meal like pasta, meatloaf or salmon. It will take only 10 minutes to prepare. Though steamed green beans might not be liked by everyone. But trust me it is worth because it’s very healthy. After streamed the beans squeezed lemon and sprinkle some spices make it perfect. This tender beans with the zesty lemon flavor have become favorite in your house.

4. Lemon Herb Steamed Cauliflower:

Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables among all. The easiest way to cook cauliflower is steamed. With some lemon zest and mix Italian herbs steamed cauliflower cooks within a couple of minutes and this is so finger-licking tasty. The lemon zest makes it a little bright and light with the Italian seasoning and olive oil give it a Mediterranean flavor. After eating this healthy vegetable side dish your friends and family will be singing your praises.

5. Sauteed Mushrooms:

Sauteed Mushrooms truly one of the best vegetable side dish recipes. The white Mushrooms are very tender, juicy, and meaty flavor with brightness at the finish. Therefore, it tastes amazing, after taking one bite you will exclaim “wow”. Because Mushrooms give you a slight feel of taking a satisfying bite of meat. It also takes 10 minutes to be prepared.

6. Sauteed Spinach:

Spinaches are very easy to cook. It really does taste amazing. Unexpected right? Well, try to cook it with scented garlic. It gives a fresh and vibrant flavorful taste. Then finish it off with few drops of lemon juice for tanginess. Trust me it’s not lifeless or mushy as you think. Taste is really well and you’ll make it again.

7. Roasted Sweet Potatoes:

One of my favorite way to make sweet potatoes as a side dish is roasted. So try to roast these potatoes in the oven and it will come out perfectly caramelized. Mix with several ingredients to pop up the sweetness of this healthy side dish recipe. Use olive oil, salt according to taste and a bit of garlic powder to enhance the taste. Serve them as an accompaniment along with larger dishes in tacos, grain bowls, and more.

8. Roasted Carrots:

These orange carrots are filled with a lot of vitamin-A. Though, I personally like to eat raw carrots. You can make a salad, or roasted carrots are a good option. Roast them with tangy lemon wedges and some fresh thyme springs. After roasting, they come out sweet, tender, and lightly charred. In this way, you can give that raw carrot a glamorous change. It is also considered as a great side dish recipe.

9. Peas with Lemon:

This little cute green veggie tastes incredible. However, one can make this healthy side dish recipe within 5 minutes. Take some olive oil, butter, garlic, and lemon that’s it mix with fresh peas or frozen peas whatever available in your kitchen and transform these boring peas into a beautifully delicious side dish. I hope everyone will love this recipe.

10. Roasted Mix Vegetables:

Do you want the best ever roasted mixed vegetable side dish recipes? Take some different colorful veggies which you like most. After peeling off, cut them into small pieces. Put them on a tray sprinkle some spices or mix herbs and a little olive oil. Now, the tray all set to go into the oven, roast them until all the veggies become tender. As a result, you’ll get the perfect recipe.


Above all, we all know the Side dishes and main dishes complement each other. I used to cook all the above dishes for the side. Therefore, I recommend you all to try these amazing vegetable side dish recipes.


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