Recipes for Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

Being a mordant tropical country, summers are quite painful in India. Likewise, almost every year, our country faces extreme temperatures and humidity during this season. As a result, everyone feels fatigued, sweaty and messed up at this time. So it is very important for all of us to take precautions from the very beginning. However, in my perspective, fruits are playing a large role in this time because eating fruits or fruit juices are the best way to beat the heat. As we know fruits have many relevant minerals which provide an instant boost of energy and helps us to reduce tiredness and exhaustion from the body. Here, I am going to share some recipes for summer drinks that will keep your body completely hydrated and maintain good health.

List of 10 Healthy Summer Drinks Recipes:-

1. Virgin Mojito:

Virgin Mojito is a quick and easy drink recipe ideal for summers. It is a cool and refreshing drink recipe to cut down the summer heat. Let’s know how to make this simple beverage using very few ingredients! We need some fresh mint leaves, lemon, paper mint tablets or polo, soda, sugar powder, and crushed ice. At first take paper mint in a long glass, then pour some lemon juice add a whole lemon after cutting into cubes adds mint leaves and squeezed nicely. After that, add a little salt and a lot of crushed ice along with soda. Stir all things very gently and serve with a lemon slice. And yay! Finally, our virgin mojito is ready to be gulped!

2. Aam Panna:

While Aam Panna is a very popular lip-smacking drink in Maharashtra. It is also one of the best recipes for summer drinks made with our favorite fruit, Mango- the king of fruits. I usually like and I think many of us like this season because of this delicious fruit. It is my favorite. Now let’s talk about this amazing, refreshing summer drink recipe. It is prepared using mango pulp which is blended with cumin, jeera, and fresh mint leaves. After drink this aam panna you will not only refreshed but also feel energized through all day.

3. Jaljeera:

Jaljeera is very simple to make using only two ingredients jeera and water. The cumin seeds which are known as jeera is roasted in a dry pan and made into finely coarse powder and mixed in water. Though this drink is ideal for summer also this solution is best for peoples having difficulty indigestion. Gulp down a chilled big glass of jaljeera and stay hydrated. However, try this recipe and you would love to savor every day.

4. Watermelon Juice:

Green from outside and red in deep! Who doesn’t like this huge? I think watermelon is one of the best summer fruits and what’s even better is obviously its juice. It is full of hydrating properties in it which helps your body stay hydrated and super fresh. Take some small slices watermelon pieces, fresh mint leaves, black salt, lemon, sufficient chilled water and that’s it. Grind it well and the mixture ready to be served. Likewise, I used to make this easy summer drink recipe because it is super refreshing.

5. Sweet Lassi:

Lassi is considered as an amazing summer cooler. Punjabi lassi is the most famous. The best part of this smooth, creamy texture-based drink is that you can easily add many variations or flavor into it such as mint, mango, strawberry, avocado, banana, walnut lassi and many more.

 Most noteworthy, for Punjabi style lassi here we need chilled yogurt, water, powdered sugar as per taste, cardamom powder, rosewater, chopped dry fruits (like almonds, pistachios, cashews), few saffron strands, and lastly few ice cubes. First, take chilled yogurt in a jar beat with a whisk until it becomes smooth and frothy then gradually add powdered sugar and again beat it until it dissolves nicely. Next pour water or chilled milk maintaining the thick consistency of this lassi. Most importantly make sure everything is blended well. After that add cardamom powder, saffron strands, and few drops of rose water for flavor. Again mix it well and pour into glasses, garnish with some chopped nuts. Trust me it is the best recipes for summer drinks I have ever tried.

6. Barley Water:

In summer barley water is best for good health. It is an ancient remedy. My grandmom told me about the health benefits of barley. It contained with high fiber and trace minerals but low fat and calories. It supports our immune system, prevents anemia and fatigue, and also helps in kidney functioning. For preparing barley water all you need is soaked pearl barley, water, salt as per taste, a dash of honey, and lemon(optional) and you are good to go.

7. Lemonade or Nimbu Pani:

Nimbu Pani is a very common summer drink for us. A quick drink that is easy to make and in taste amazingly delicious. Basically it is prepared using mint leaves, sugar, salt, lemons, and water. However, to enhance the taste you can add many spices such as cumin, coriander powder, black pepper and it becomes interestingly tasty. Above all no doubt it is a must-try recipes for summer drinks.

8. Sattu Sharbat:

Our desi summer drink rescues us during even the sunniest day. Sattu sharbat is mainly a Bihar special drink that keeps you feel refresh and also fills your tummy for long. It is made with only 3 ingredients sattu, sugar, and water, that’s all it needs. All these three ingredients mixed up well and your sattu sharbat is ready that you will definitely fall.

9. Masala Chaas:

The buttermilk which is popularly known as chaas is a curd-based beverage. Here I am going to write about the recipe for summer drink called Masala Chaas. We need curd, water, black salt, regular salt, chopped mint and coriander leaves, cumin, and some crushed black pepper. Mix all ingredients in a grinder. Then pour the mixture in a glass and served the chilled masala chaas with sprinkle a tinge of cumin powder on top of it.

10. Coconut Water:

Last but not the least a chilled fresh coconut water can instantly cheer you up. It is just perfect for the hot summer days. So, whenever you feel dehydrated gulp a glass of coconut water adding ice cubes, a pinch of black salt, some soaked chia seeds in it and you are good to go.

Therefore I hope my recipes for summer drinks help you a bit. Enjoy the summer with these amazingly delicious homemade beverages. You guys can also check out healthy side dishes recipes that are good for health especially in summer.


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