Panty Dropper Drink and Its Different Variations to Explore

Panty dropper is a drink that people often love to explore due to its colorful aesthetics and taste. It is the most ordered drink among college students, especially when enjoying spring break. Hence, if you are interested in knowing about the panty dropper drink along with its popular variations, take a look at this popular beverage in detail. 

#What is panty dropper drink?

The panty dropper cocktail comes in extensive variations. And it is one of the reasons it is considered to have a league of its own. The plethora of recipes to create this magnificent beverage makes it easily available for consumption in a punch, cocktail, or as a shot. 

This fruity cocktail will surprise a drinker by it easily satiating one’s fruity cravings; however, different bartenders opt for different recipes to make it. Also, some panty droppers have a gin and coconut flavor included. 

If you are looking to create it at your home, all you need is to follow the panty dropper drink recipe stated below. 

#Making a panty dropper at home 

To create this drink, you will need to ensure having all the ingredients mentioned below and follow the procedure to make it. 

#Ingredients needed and steps to make it 

To make the classic panty dropper drink, an individual would need raspberry vodka (one can use regular vodka also), cranberry juice, blueberry schnapps (one can use tequila also instead of schnapps), ice, and an orange twist. Also, people will need a cocktail shaker to mix ingredients. The first step is to mix all ingredients and ice inside a cocktail shaker. 

  1. Take 2 ounces of raspberry vodka along with 2 ounces of blueberry schnapps, 2 ounces of cranberry juice, and ample ice and pour it all into a cocktail shaker 
  2. Mix the ingredients well by shaking the utensil for a maximum of 45 seconds 
  3. Add large ice cubes in a clear tall drinking glass and pour the mixture into it 
  4. You can use an orange twist for garnishing it and start sipping for utmost enjoyment 

Now, take a look at variations of the panty dropper recipe

#Variations of panty dropper drink

Two of the most popular panty droppers include a pink and purple panty dropper. Have a look at the recipe for pink panty dropper first and then go through the purple one. 

Pink panty dropper 

For the pink panty dropper recipe, you will need to acquire a 12-pack beer, pink lemonade 24-oz, vodka 24-oz, and sliced fruits like lemon, strawberries, etc.

The first step is to pour pink lemonade into a jug and follow it up with vodka. Once both these liquids are poured, you should stir and mix them well.

Next, add fruit slices and then pour beer to dispense flavors throughout your drink. You can also add more fruits on the top of this jug, but sure to keep some for garnishing the glass after you pour some in it before serving. Also, one can use tequila in the mix for that extra kick!

In addition, one can also drink this as a panty dropper shot by simply filling a shot glass with layers of vodka, lemonade, and beer one after another. 

Purple panty dropper

For this cocktail, people need to mix 1/3-oz of peppermint schnapps, blue curacao, Irish cream, and crème de noyaux. Shake and mix all of these ingredients and add ice to chill. Pour Irish cream in a shot glass and then pour the mixture. This panty dropper shot recipe will give you the thrills you seek!

Now you are aware of the world-famous panty dropper drink and its two most popular variations that people love. So, try exquisite cocktails today! 


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