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Homemade Breakfast Recipes that are easy to make

Homemade breakfast recipes are fresh and very healthy. But in our everyday busy life, mornings are usually very stressful in a day. After waking up one has to finish some personal chores and rush for office or taking their kids off to school. As I am a college student, sometimes I also rush for college without having my breakfast which is the main meal of the day. It is not good for our health you may feel weak, not get that much energy throughout the day. Never miss your breakfast or don’t neglect to have it, as breakfast is the power source of your whole day’s activity.

There are many options and I am trying to make sure that you never skip your breakfast again with some super easy, tasty and quick homemade breakfast recipes that you would love to eat. From scrambled egg to omelet, pancakes to dosa, toasts to sandwich, chilla, and many more breakfast recipes. Here, I am gonna share some easy-quick healthy and delicious homemade breakfast recipes for busy mornings.

Top 10 best homemade breakfast recipes:

Look at the best breakfast recipes which are delicious, healthy and keep your tummy full until lunch.

easy Breakfast Recipe
Scrambled eggs

1. Boiled Eggs or Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms

First, we all know that eggs are bind with full of protein and in your start-up meal, you have to take a good amount of protein. Just boil 2 eggs in hot water or take a fry pan heat some little amount of oil then fry some small cuts mushrooms. When it becomes soft break an egg and scrambled it and tossed in mild spices with mushrooms altogether.

dessert recipe
Banana Pancakes

2. Banana Pancakes

Sweet, fluffy banana pancakes are very tasty and easy to make. Take a bowl, break an egg, take two mashed bananas and some almond powder mixed it up with the help of a hand beater. Heat some oil in a hot frypan pour the mixture and fry until it turns into a nice brown color. Enjoy it with some honey.

simple Breakfast Recipes
Masala omelet

3. Masala Omelet

For breakfast, I think an omelet is the easiest thing to make especially when you are in a hurry. And you can experiment with it by adding some chicken and spices to make it interesting and tastier.

tasty Breakfast Recipes
Toast with chicken masala and sliced tomato

4. Toast with Chicken Masala

This is one of the most delicious homemade breakfast recipes. If you have some leftover chicken saute it with some juicy tomatoes and spices and served it with toasted bread. Try it once You would love this recipe for sure. It is also very healthy as the chicken is one of the best sources of protein.

Homemade Breakfast Recipes
Cheese french toast

5. Cheese French Toast

Cheese the love of my life. Certainly, in my every meal if I see cheese on my plate with other food I shall never skip it. However, this cheesy french toast is a mouthwatering and full of flavored homemade breakfast recipes. Do not require much effort and time to make it.

healthy Breakfast Recipes
Potato sandwich

6. Potato Sandwich

It is one of my favorite homemade breakfast recipes all time. And the potato sandwich is a very easy breakfast recipe with simple ingredients available in our kitchen. For the reason that this magical sandwich with potato, cheese, chili flex, and chopped coriander is super tasty and easy breakfast ideas on the go.

7. Sweet Dosa

It is my mommy special recipe. She used to make this sweet-flavored dosa for me and my brother. However, just needed four ingredients of rice flour, a pinch of salt, some brown sugar and enough water to make a thin batter. While eating this pour some honey on it and then roll the dosa and enjoy!

8. Besan ka Chilla

It is a North Indian dish, easy to make for a busy morning. Your kids will enjoy this. Chilla usually made with gram flour or besan, spices and herbs. One can eat this chilla with some tea or I could say it goes well with some pickle or chutney. It is a great recipe for a homemade breakfast.

9. Upma

Upma is basically a south Indian dish made with my favorite ingredient semolina and other tempering ingredients. So, anyone could make this super easy homemade breakfast recipe within 15 minutes. It is usually eaten with a very tasty and spicy lentil podi.

 10. Suji ka halwa

Therefore, I personally like suji ka halwa very much. Because one can make this sweet recipe fuss freely. A very few ingredients needed for this homemade breakfast recipe. They are semolina, ghee or butter, milk, some sugar and few dry fruits which are available in your kitchen. It is very tasty and also a healthy dish for kids.

So, the next time when you are in a hurry give it a try to these easy and quick breakfast recipes. Most importantly, you must fill your tummy before head out.


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