Dessert pizza recipe that enhances the taste of your pizza

Can you imagine eating a pizza with dessert flavor? Is it not interesting that eating a savory dish with sweet taste? Then here we are going to present the best dessert pizza recipe for you that will make the taste of your pizza enhance. It would be great to serve this best dish for your children.

To whom can you serve it?

One can serve this pizza to anyone. But, most of the time, it is the favorites dish. There are many ways to make chocolaty pizza, but here we are providing a simple dessert pizza recipe to all our dear readers.



  1. Pre-baked dough
  2. Chocolate
  3. Whipping cream
  4. Chocó-chip
  5. Butter
  6. Candies 
  7. Sugar
  8. Chocolate syrup

Recipe of chocolate pizza:

  • First, try to prepare the dough, which is prepared by making by mixing flour, yeast, butter, and water.
  • Or one can buy dough from the market for ease. It is because not everyone is fond of baking and preparing the dough.
  • After this, spread melting chocolate over the pizza dough. To melt the chocolate, one has to keep a double boiler on the stove and then melt it on low flame.
  • One can mix whipping cream to melted chocolate to change the color.
  • After that, one can put some Chocó-chips and other sweet ingredients as per their requirement.
  • Now, bake the dessert pizza recipe in an oven at 180-190 degrees Celsius. Please don’t open the microwave oven while making the dish. Try to see from outside whether it is cooked or not.

Home-made dough VS market dough:

Both the dough is perfect, and it’s your choice whether you want to eat fresh dough or pre-prepared dough.

We suggest going for home-made dough. Yes, you will not be able to learn the dessert pizza recipe of home-made dough quickly, but it will be tastier than others. So, now go and learn after following the accurate steps.

Types of sweet pizza recipes available:

  • Now, as we have said that there are many modifications available for the users. You can use the food as per your convenience. Hence, there also you can modify as per your taste.
  • Not every customer wants to eat a chocolate pizza. Hence, they can exchange it for fruit pizzas. 
  • One can cut the fruits in thin slices and mix the fruits. Please try to choose those items in which the water leaving capacity is less.
  • Now, pour your favorite sweet ingredients over pizza. It will be your own modified pizza or side dish recipes.


  • To everyone like to eat sweet pizza?

No, not everyone is fond of eating sweet pizza, but many love it. Hence, the chef always tries to make the best recipe for their guest.

  • Can I find the best recipe on Google?

We will not say that there is no right recipe available for you on the internet. But, choosing the best is your recipe will be your efforts. Please don’t follow any recipe after reading it once. Try to find the loopholes and then decide that it is a worth recipe or not.

  • What other options are available for customers?

Now, those who don’t like sweets can go for savory pizza. There are pizzas with different vegetables and seasoning toppings. One can purchase the one as per their taste. For example, go for a corn and onion pizza, vegetables, or cheese pizza.

Now eat chocolaty pizza:

Yes, sweet chocolate pizza will help you to enjoy a kid’s party a lot. In a kid’s party, one has to keep all the fascinating dishes. Now, choosing fascinating dishes would be best.

Pizza is an Italian dish that is becoming more popular in Indian. There are a few reasons for the same. One is that kids get attracted to colorful things. So, try to make the top of pizza more attractive.

Note: Please try to bake the pizza carefully and follow a proper dessert pizza recipe. It is because chocolate is a sensitive ingredient, and it could be burnt very easily. Therefore, try to tackle it quickly and don’t bake for too long time. Try to take it out within 10 minutes from the oven. Even try to use pre-baked pizza dough until 70%.


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