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Eating Rice Every Day Is Bad for You or Not?

There are so many rumors about having rice regularly. But the question is, is rice bad for you? No, absolutely not, it is good for you obviously. Eating rice is both bad and good for you according to some factors. Rice is good for those who do a lot of movement, physical work and therefore require a lot of energy to perform daily activities. Apart from this, there are some things that you need to take care of while cooking or storing cooked rice. Have a look!

How long does cooked rice last in the fridge?

The cooked rice does last for 1-2 days if kept in the fridge. Don’t store hot rice in the fridge. To prevent bacterial growth, you should store rice below 400F. If you keep warm food in the fridge, it can increase the surrounding foods’ temperature, placing them all at the risk of bacterial growth. 

Can you eat Sushi the next day?

There is no harm to eating sushi in 24 hours after it was prepared. Once you can, roll them in a fresh nori sheet when you are ready to eat it. This will prevent Nori from becoming soggy. You should wrap the leftover sushi pieces in a moist towel and store it in an airtight box whenever you need to store sushi in the fridge. It will prevent the hardening of the rice. One can keep sushi at room temperature for a maximum of two hours. Raw rice contains bacteria called Bacillus cereus, which sometimes survives the cooking process. According to, if one has kept rice in between 40°F to 1400F for more than two hours, then bacteria will multiply and make anyone sick if he eats it.

Why to drink cold water after eating rice?

Many health issues like fatigue, weight gain, cysts, and tumors are caused when you consume cold foods. This can also increase the development of unhealthy bacterial and chronic infections. Whenever we consume cold food, then our body spends all energy to heat it. Your digestive system requires a lot of heat to break down whenever you eat food. 

As I already told you in the above paragraphs, rice contains spores of Bacillus cereus. This bacterium can cause Rice food poisoning, also known as “fried rice syndrome. Ensure that rice won’t get clumpy when they are often cooled at room temperatures. If the toxins of bacteria are already produced, you don’t even get rid of reheating them again.

How to prevent rice food poisoning?

● Do not Have Cold rice—Fry the rice stored in the fridge before eating it. 

● Do not put a huge pot of rice in the fridge.

● Divide a large amount of food into deep containers so that one can cool quickly and prevent bacterial growth.

● Do not leave cooked rice outside overnight.

● Do go to the doctor if required for a medical subscription if symptoms persist more than 24 hours.

Can you eat rice the next day?

It is fine to eat rice even after 2 days; make sure they are properly stored in the fridge. Also, they had not kept any longer at room temperature. It is also very essential to reheat the rice properly at high temperatures. This will eliminate bacterial growth and cause them to terminate. Normally cooling the rice in the fridge would not kill the bacteria, but this process stops bacteria’s growth. This is the only reason they should be thrown if not eaten after 2 days in the fridge. Much longer will risk one’s life to rice food poisoning. Sometimes restaurants steamed rice and left them overnight to cook and fry the next day. Then if someone consumes them, anyone can get sick.

Who should avoid eating rice?

Eating rice can be bad if you include these modern routines: –

● Sitting the whole day on a chair.

● Eating processed food.

● Not having fresh fruits.

● Instead of climbing stairs, one is using escalators or lift.

● Watching Television, the whole day.

● Using Air purifiers and water purifiers for the consumption of fresh air and water.

● Processed food contains preservatives.

How does rice affect the human body?

No wonder that the major male population faces hair loss and a big tummy, and they get exhausted easily. One cup of cooked rice is normally equal to 204 calories equal to 4 Choco chips cookies. So, we add a lot of calories if we eat 1 cup of rice every day. Only because of the high number of calories, a question raised in our mind; is rice bad for you?

Benefits of Having Rice:

  •  Having rice regularly is good for celiac disease, as it is the most popular gluten-free grain. 
  • Our body’s nervous system needs Vitamin B to run and function smoothly. Rice is one of the rich sources of Vitamin B. 
  • Rice is rich in carbohydrates, which is essential for our body to generate energy. 
  • Do you know, one ounce of raw rice contains 6 grams of fiber? Therefore, it is beneficial for our digestive system too. 
  • The person suffering from high blood pressure can have rice regularly as their balanced diet. 
  • High fiber amount also prevents the risk of cancer. 
  • A healthy plate of rice helps to lose weight. 
  • Rice can be used topically as the best skincare as one can apply rice water or powder on their skin to reduce inflammation. 
  • The Antioxidant properties of rice reduce the cholesterol level. 
  • Brown Rice helps control the blood sugar level. 


Hope you have got your answer: is rice bad for you? If the question is raised again in your mind then, take a tour of rice benefits. It can be proven to be the richest protein source and the best pre-workout meal; rice can be the greatest option. But you are true to following the right instruction for storing and eating rice. Otherwise, it may harm your health. 


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