Delicious Italian Foods You Should Try Once In A Lifetime

The foods of different regions of Italy are full of flavor and variety. Similarly, each of the states has its own uniqueness of ingredients and techniques of cooking. However, there is a lot of Italian food shop with a variety of foods. In the past, the only way for you to eat Italian food and buy ingredients was when you visited Italy. But today there are other ways by which you can enjoy Italian delicacies.

Dishes To Try From Italian Food Shop

However, the Italian cuisines mentioned below are not typical ones like pizza, pasta, lasagna, pesto, risotto, and truffles. These are the ones that are different and can be bought from any Italian Food Shop.

Potatoes On Pizza

This dish is a specialty of southern Italy which is made mostly of potatoes and basic pizza dough. There are two variations of this dish; first is where you combine both mashed potatoes and flour. Second, make pizza with potatoes as the topping.

Caffé Affogato

Coffee is the most favorite drink popular all over Italy. However, basic coffee can be combined with different other ingredients. Similarly, the most beloved combination is when coffee is mixed with a scoop of Italian ice-cream.

Brioche With Gelato

This can be called an ice-cream sandwich which is served when you visit Sicily. But it is also given to guests in other regions of Italy. There are many Italian Food Shops that have this unique dolce.

Grilled Octopus On Salad

This is another Italian food that comes to you from the south side of Italy. Seafood is the main ingredient in these regions and octopus is a great delicacy. It can be used in grilled form or on salads.


Although cheese is also a popular food that has several varieties Burrata is one food that is extremely delicious and unique. You can buy the Burrata from different Italian shops like Sogno Toscano and enjoy it.

Ricci Di Mare

Another special Italian food that comes from the south is Ricci Di Mare; which is a dish made from sea urchin. It can either be consumed as it is or on certain occasions is served with pasta.

Fichi D’India

This is the Italian name for the cactus plant. In addition, it is very popular amongst the Italians during the hot days of summer. The fruit is used in Italian food recipes like gelato or jam with the thorns removed carefully.

Cacio E Pepe Pasta

If you are looking to try the simplest of Italian food then this can be your choice. The dish is prepared with cooked spaghetti, crushed black pepper, and topped with grated Pecorino Romano cheese.

Funghi Porcini

The lovers of mushrooms will find that porcini mushrooms have a great taste. Therefore, there is a wide range of ways to use it which includes; dried, fresh, as a pizza topping, combined with pasta, and even used as a paste in different loaves of bread.

Fresh Or Fried Acciughe

Anchovies are really small bite-sized fish that can be found in almost all kinds of water. There much existing water area is the Mediterranean Sea. So fresh anchovies can be cooked with almost every other ingredient.

Pistachio Panna Cotta

In Italian Panna Cotta means cooked cream. Only three ingredients are used to create this lovely dessert. Milk, gelatin, and cream are used to make a thick dolce.


This is a side dish that is served with the main course in which all of the ingredients are presented in their raw form. However, in these different kinds of cold meats, vegetables cheese, and fish are served.

Casoncelli Bergamaschi

Have you ever heard of pasta that is filled with different ingredients? In many areas of Lombardy, you will find this dish in different varieties which you can find in an Italian Food Shop.


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