All about the tasty side dish recipes that you love!

side dish recipes

Side dishes are very delicious to eat with a complete meal. There are a lot of people who prefer to eat a healthy meal with proper preparations. So, nowhere we are going to mention the best side dish recipes for our readers from a lot of recipes available over the internet. It is tricky to decide what side dish one can keep with an ingredient.

Hence, try to choose wisely if you want to purchase something better or best.

5 Most common but delicious side dish recipes!


  • Eat corn and spinach salad:

Many people love to eat corn with different kinds of dressings. But now, when we are working on a healthy plan at that time, we have to take care of health. Therefore, adding spinach to your corn salad healthy recipe will increase the nutrition’s in your healthy side dishes. It is essential for boosting immunity in an individual. Therefore try to make corn and spinach salad at your house party.

  • Chicken fries:

Now, if you are going to invite for non-vegetarian friends in your house party, then chicken side dish recipes are the first familiar thing. Those who love to eat the non-veg maximum number of them preferred chicken to eat. Chicken fries are the one thing that almost every guest would like to eat at your party. Even it will be exciting to add vinaigrette tomato dressing to be served with your chicken fries.

  • Cheese balls:

Cheese balls could be prepared by mixing 4 to 5 types of cheese and seasoning. Even some people like to cook a recipe with cottage cheese. It will be a heavier option to eat, but it is the most famous dish among kids. If there are a few kids in your party, then try to add Cheese balls as a side dish.

  • Spanakopita:

It is the most famous Italian dishes. Most of the Indian food lover calls it as a small samosa. To prepare spanakopita, you have to the spring roll sheets and cut them into three big strips. After this, make a filling of feta cheese and spinach. One can add other cheese as per their requirement too. Now roll them in the shape of a triangle and deep fry before serving.

  • A perfect mocktail:

  1. We would suggest you go to a soda fountain. It is a simple dish in which you don’t have to put a lot of ingredients. 
  2. One has to purchase any flavor of ice cream, soda, mint leaves, lemon, ice, and sugar (if required).
  3. Now do the mise-en-place in which mix rice and sugar in one bowl and keep it separate. After that, take mint leaves and lemon and crumble them together.
  4. After this mix, one scoop of ice cream and 3/4th glass of soda. Now pour lemon and mint leaves in the bottom of the glass along with Ice and sugar mixture.
  5. After that, pour soda ice cream mixture and scoop of ice cream at the top.
  6. You can pause some chocolate syrup over the glass to increase the look.
  7. Most of the guests will like this product because of its taste and eye-catching presentation.

Three rules of cooking:

Don’t use raw materials that are not appropriate as per the cooking standard. Never try to cheat the person who is going to eat the dish.

Try to put the best of your taste that you can. It will help you to enhance your cooking power a lot.

After this, try to do the modification as per your interest and taste. Many times it happens that a single change could make a significant difference.

It is rightly said that “best dishes with delicious flavors are made by chance.”

Make the perfect side dish recipes for your guest:

We all know that the guest eats with eyes before eating a dish from the mouth. Therefore the presentation of the dish has to be eye-catching. If your guest likes your dish after seeing it, then they will love it even if the taste is not up to the mark.

But if the first impression of your side dish recipes is not right, then even the taste of the dish is appealing, then also a person will not prefer to eat it again. Therefore keep in mind that you have to serve the best dish to satisfy your guests.

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