3 Essential Factors That Affect Coffee Flavouring

The flavouring of coffee largely depends on three major factors. Read the article to know what they are

A cup of coffee has a lot to say. Coffee lovers all over the world know that coffee is a love language. The aroma of coffee defines the love language. It is a fascinating phenomenon how the same coffee seeds can produce a multitude of flavours. Coffee comes in every possible taste for every possible mood. From dramatic flavours to subtle, you have a wide range of options to pick.

The poignant question is, what affects the aroma? Several factors may contribute to the changing tastes. While several factors which influence the coffee flavour are already displayed on a bag or the jar itself, you may not know about those that are usually not displayed on the container. Perhaps, they are dependent on the coffee roasters and their target audience. 

So, let’s focus on the three primary factors that enhance the flavouring of your coffee. 

Origin of the Coffee

The two most popular coffee variants are Robusta and Arabica. You can’t have a conversation about origin without talking about variety. Most people have heard about them. Characteristically, Robusta coffees are bitter and have a rubbery/grainy flavour with a peanutty aftertaste. It was discovered in Congo – Belgium in Africa in the 1800s whereas Arabica coffee originated in Ethiopia and comes from Coffea arabica plant. Statistically, the most popular cup of coffee is Arabica. The reason for its popularity is due to the diverse flavour profiles. They are sweeter and smoother than other coffee beans and provide subtle yet complex aroma. 

So, based on your preferences, you must check the origin of the coffee. For discussing coffee flavours, a sound knowledge of the origin is mandatory. The coffee shops Calgary stock different varieties. Ask them about the origin of the product before you buy.

Processing Method

The simple act of removing the soft layers of fruit from the coffee cherries impacts the flavours largely. There are variations in processing coffee cherries globally. However, processing can be categorized broadly into two groups – Natural & Washed.

The natural processing is also known as dry process. In this process, there is a tendency to add a compressed layer of ripe fruit sweetness. The sweetness can be nuanced and compounded or can be syrupy and cloying. It depends on the processor if or not the inherent characteristics of the beans are overpowered by natural processing. 

On the other hand, the washed process is quite a simpler one. In this one, the coffee profile is transparent and unsoiled. Search for the best coffee roasters Calgary to enjoy the freshness of the brew.

Roasting Style

Probably the most important part that actively affects the flavour profile is the roasting style. The individual roaster has a different understanding of any given variant. Few coffee roasters Edmonton might believe that a true cup of coffee comes when the roast is a little dark. A darker roast usually provides an intense and chocolaty flavour. On the other hand, a roaster may decide how to draw an elegant taste profile. You will come to know how distinctive flavours are possible to obtain from the same coffee seeds.

Selecting a coffee bean is not the toughest job. Deciding the degree to which coffee is to be roasted, needs a lot of attention. Different degrees of roasts vary for both the roasters and the consumers depending upon the flavour profile they choose. 

The roasting method is also dependent on the brew of the coffee. So, the decision of brewing is as important as the decision of roasting. If you prefer an espresso machine-brewed drink, the seeds must be roasted dark. This enhances the bitter taste of the espresso. Again, if the brew is with a drip filter, a delicate lighter roast gives it an ideal flavour. However, it is not wrong if you choose an espresso-style darker roast for a drip filter if you aim for lighter and brighter espresso. It is undeniable that the methodology of roasting is essential for the flavour profile you aim for.

Coffee is the most cherished and widely consumed beverage across the globe. The multitude of flavours that coffee provides mostly is dependent on the above-mentioned factors. Roast Love provides an insight into the best coffee shops Calgary where you can enjoy the best-roasted varieties and can access different flavour profiles. Not to mention, it provides you with an amazing opportunity to rediscover your love for coffee. So, the next time you visit the roasters, enjoy various coffee flavours and find about the roasting process. This will help you learn a lot about your favourite beverage and enjoy new brews.

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